2024 Lung Health Mini Conference-old

2024 Lung Health Mini Conference

The “2024 lung health conference” is a premier continuing professional development (CPD) event. This summit, accredited by the Respiratory Society of Kenya,  aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of pulmonologists, rheumatologists, and radiologists across the region.

Set to take place at (venue), the summit will be conducted in a hybrid format, accommodating both in-person and virtual participants. Esteemed speakers from Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana will lead comprehensive sessions, incorporating case studies and addressing research gaps to provide insights into the management of ILDs.


Symposium 1: Respiratory Infections

  1. Influenza and pneumonia
  2. Tuberculosis

Symposium 2: Chronic respiratory diseases

  1. COPD;
    Epidemiology and risk factors
    Advances in treatment and management (Bronchoscopic procedures in treating Advanced Copd)
    Role of pulmonary rehabilitation
  2. ASTHMA;
    Latest guidelines and best practices in asthma management
    Patient education and self management strategies
    Role of biologic treatment in severe asthma

Symposium 3; Environmental and Occupational Lung Diseases

  1. Air pollution and lung health ( Impact of air pollution on respiratory conditions, Policies and interventions to reduce exposure and Role of urban planning in mitigating risks)
  2. Occupational Lung diseases
    Advances in diagnosis and treatment of Silicosis and asbestosis
    Advances in diagnosis and treatment of Hypersensitivity pneumonitis
    Prevention and regulation in work places (OSH Act)

Symposium 4: Lung Cancer

  1. Epidemiology and Risk Factors (Trends in lung cancer incidence and mortality, Genetic predispositions and lifestyles, Screening and early detection methods)
    Systematic approach in evaluation of a lung nodule
  2. Innovations in Treatment (Targeted therapies and immunotherapy radiation therapy, Advances in surgical techniques)
    Palliative care and quality of life considerations*

Symposium 5: Pediatric Respiratory Health

  1. Respiratory diseases in children
    Common pediatrics respiratory conditions
    Impact of early life respiratory infections on long term health
    Preventive measures and vaccination programs
  2. Environmental factors and child lung health
    Role of indoor and outdoor pollution
    Strategies to reduce exposure in children
    Importance of early intervention and education

Symposium 6: Emerging Topics in Lung Health

  1. Intestitial lung diseases
    Screening in CTD-ILD when and for whom
    Pulmonary vascular disease
    Should we treat pulmonary HTN in COPD
    Update in treatment of pulmonary HTN associated with ILD

Symposium 7: Integrative Approaches and Patient-Centered Care

  1. Holistic management of respiratory diseases
    Integrative medicine approaches (long term oxygen therapy)
    Role of nutrition and lifestyle in lung health
    Psychological support and mental health in respiratory Medicine
  2. Patient engagement and advocacy
    Empowering patients through education and support groups
    Role of patient advocacy organizations
    Strategies for improving patient provider communication

This is an hybrid event that will take place on Thursday the 10th of Octobet 2024 from 09:00 GMT.   

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