Tuberculosis Active Case Finding program

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Tuberculosis Active Case Finding program


The objective of ACF is to improve TB case detection by improving access to TB diagnosis and linkage to treatment services. ReSok has previously used the following approaches for ACF:

  1. Improving access to community TB care services by strengthening the community-health strategy
  2. Active case finding among high risk populations i.e. urban slum dwellers, Diabetics etc

Current projects:

  1. TB Mashinani

Mashinani is Swahili for “the Grassroots”. TB Mashinani therefore implies TB at the grassroots.

The Global Fund Against TB, Aids and Malaria (GFTAM) funding for active case finding for tuberculosis aims at reducing TB diagnostic delays in special and vulnerable populations as well as improving treatment outcomes.

The TB Mashinani project has contributed to a) building healthcare providers’ capacity for TB diagnosis and management through regular training, technical support, supervision and feedback b) Support Community Health Assistants (CHAs) and Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) to offer TB treatment support to TB patients; identify, screen and link Contacts of TB patients to TB services, and retrieve TB treatment interrupters.

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